Wisdom tooth erupts as the last tooth in our mouth at the age of 18 to 24 years. There are four wisdom teeth on the back of your mouth on all sides. New research shows that approximately 50% of the population is missing one or all wisdom tooth. If the wisdom teeth are present & there is a lack of space for their eruption or unfavourable angulation, they may need to be extracted. This extraction is usually a surgical procedure, in which a surgeon makes a small incision in your mouth to make room for removing the tooth. The impacted wisdom tooth need to be removed because it causes pain, swelling or damage to the second molar tooth because of its angulation, infection or other dental problems. In all of the above conditions, you may need to make an appointment with the best dentist Multan, Dr Shahzad Hussain at SN dental Care.
Tooth extraction begins millions of years ago, and it was carried out by unprofessional people like barbers & goldsmiths who would hold you forcefully & remove the tooth without anaesthesia. But thanks to the discovery of anaesthesia, development of Dentistry & awareness among the public, wisdom tooth extraction is carried out without pain in a very professional manner by our Best clinic Multan. There has been extensive research on extraction techniques of wisdom tooth & researchers are in continuous pursuit of methods to avoid wisdom tooth extraction complications.
Who Can Avail Our Service
Approximately 85 % of wisdom teeth need to be extracted in the general population. As I have told you, the wisdom teeth erupt between the age of 18 to 24 years, and if they don’t, they will usually never erupt at a later time. If you have impacted wisdom teeth & you are not having any pain or discomfort, the decision to extract those teeth lies with you & us! Every person is unique, and decision making is based upon the calculated risk/benefit ratio. At SN dental Care, we make sure to make an evidence-based decision & we may decide to take out the wisdom teeth to avoid future complications. The rate of complications after wisdom tooth increases with the increasing age of the patient.
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Benefits
1. Less Crowding
If there is a lack of enough space for the eruption of wisdom teeth, they need to be extracted, and extraction of wisdom tooth results in less crowding. Presence of wisdom teeth have shown to be the cause of late mandibular crowding & wisdom teeth are sometimes extracted as a part of Orthodontic treatment to lessen the risk of late crowding after the expensive braces work
2. Lessen Orofacial Pain
Presence of angulated wisdom tooth can be a source of food accumulation between the 2nd molar & wisdom tooth. Food impaction can cause cavities in the wisdom tooth as well as the nearby 2nd molar. Those cavities can be a continuous source of pain and swelling for you. The extraction of impacted wisdom tooth at the right times results in alleviation of those problems. Results of all this are improved quality of life for you!.
3. Reduction in Headaches
Wisdom teeth get their sensory supply from the 5th cranial nerve. And patients are sometimes unable to differentiate between wisdom tooth pain & present their pain as a headache. At best dental clinic Multan, our U.K. Board Certified Dentist Multan, ensure that you get the best diagnosis & dental treatment.
4. Reduced Risk of Oral Disease
Keeping your wisdom teeth means you suffer a greater risk of infections & gum diseases. Gum diseases are caused due to food accumulation & continuous pressure on the nearby teeth. Another significant alleviation is the decreased risk of the dentigerous cyst, which can cause considerable damage to the jawbones!
5. Prevent Damage To Nearby Teeth
The pressure caused by wisdom teeth can weaken and even lose the roots of nearby teeth or grind away enamel, leaving neighbouring teeth vulnerable to cavities and bone loss. Besides, wisdom teeth themselves can be challenging to reach, and thus to keep clean. Wisdom teeth removal can spare you the need for costly and uncomfortable root canals and fillings.