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Emergencies in life are real & dental emergency is no exception. Learn
from an Best dentist in Multan!

We wish you never get into a dental emergency, but if you do get into it & you need emergency dental carePMC & Punjab healthcare commission Certified Dentist in Multan Dr. Shahzad Hussain & Dr. Arslan Iqbal are always there to take you out of it. Many unfortunate situations, from sports injuries to falls, put you at risk for emergency dental care. After an accident or injury, it’s essential to see a good dentist in Multan as soon as possible to protect your teeth or gums from further damage and maintain oral health.

Dental emergencies come
in many forms. Some dental emergencies are more important than others.Therefore, timing your actions after a dental injury will have a lasting effect. Dental emergencies can

occur in the teeth’ mouth, gums, and soft tissues.

Here are some tips that will make your life easy & keep you updated about decision-making during a Dental emergency. After going through this blog, you will learn the necessary steps to make during a dental emergency. 

Traumatic Injury 

A traumatic injury can break your teeth that can be partial & complete. If you don’t get Best Emergency Dentist Multan after this type of injury, you may permanently lose your teeth and may need teeth, implants, or other replacements. Carefully search for any parts that you can find and take them to the nearest dental clinic in Multan

Toothache can be severe!

If you suffer from toothache or something similar to a toothache, you will feel severe pain in your teeth & gums. If you have a problem, call the nearest emergency dentist Dr. Shahzad Hussain to see if you have to get urgent dental care. The dentist may prescribe medications and treatments to help you avoid pain. Infection is a common problem after emergency dental care and pain. Neglected infections can be dangerous & expand to other parts of your body quickly. Reduces the risk of infections if you go to the best dentist in Multan right away.

The most critical points for dental emergencies are:

Fix back the tooth that has come out!

If you want to increase the chances of survival, you need immediate and effective treatment for teeth that have been wholly loosened or have come out after a severe injury. If your teeth are intact, try to restore them slowly. If that doesn’t work, soak it in a cup of milk or saltwater before seeing a best denitst in multan

Use cold therapy for broken teeth.

If the tooth is not completely broken but is fractured or skewed, rinse your mouth to stop bleeding & take out any fractured tooth segments from your mouth. You will feel severe pain after breaking your teeth, which could be relieved by using cold therapy.

Do not use sharp objects to pick up bulky items.

It is essential not to use sharp objects such as hairpins, needles, or nail files so that you don’t do damage to your precious teeth. As frustrating as dealing with a cracked popcorn grain or seeds stuck between two teeth, removing something with a sharp object can lead to bleeding and infection. Instead, consider it as a Dental emergency & consult Dr. Shahzad Hussain.

SN dental care dentist and staff can help you regain your smile after great dental care. We offer the latest dental solutions designed to keep you safe and comfortable with every smile restoration procedure; for more information about dental emergencies, call 03341122288 &03362010290

What should you consider a dental emergency?

Our Dentist, Dr. Shahzad Hussain, can diagnose the root cause of the pain. Consult our dentist in case of an emergency when you
have severe toothache.

Please don’t put off seeing an Best Emergency Dentist Multan. The sooner

you seek urgent dental care, the sooner we’ll be able to treat
issues before they grow. We can make sure to make a difference & that can
be a filling instead of a root canal. We always try to save your natural teeth
in an emergency dental situation. All you need is to make it as soon as
Our emergency dentist is here to help.